This website was created by several Palomar College professors in response to the dearth of local reporting about the leadership crisis at the college from 2016 to 2019. We have signed all of our articles, and our credentials as long-standing faculty members with a vested interest in the quality education that Palomar has provided its community are easily researchable.

Another driving force behind this blog's creation is that we and others were not given access to important information when we began our queries into leadership decisions--especially those regarding spending. As a result, we had to file numerous California Public Records Act (CPRA) requests for this information, and we have been scrupulous in supporting our claims with links to these documents.

When readers have asked us for further clarification or pointed out potential problems with the information provided, we have responded and edited the posts.

Anyone with further questions about our methods either in general or in relation to specific pieces can contact us at the following emails:

Dr. Rocco Versaci: rversaci@palomar.edu

Shannon Lienhart: slienhart@palomar.edu

Dr. Lesley Blankenship-Williams: lwilliams@palomar.edu


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