An Open Letter from an Anonymous Administrator

Disclaimer: The following open letter was submitted to our blog by an anonymous administrator. I am not the author.

To: Whom It May Concern

From: Anonymous Administrator

As somebody who came from another college, I have observed the leadership and organizational management from multiple administrations. This is the worst leadership I have ever seen.

True college leaders solicit the opinions and expertise of their administrators, faculty and staff, and values such input. Administrators should be able to disagree with a president without fear of being terminated. The administrators are here to support the institution and help the president make well-researched and wise decisions for the College.

President Blake does not value her administrators. She does not value their expertise. She does not take kindly to anyone disagreeing with her. President Blake leads by fear.

Our institution is in a crisis.

At Palomar College, administrators are oppressively overworked, unvalued, and work with severe insecurity. Will they be the next ones to be terminated or put on leave?

The high administrative turnover rate is a red flag for the three trustees that continue to turn a blind eye to our oppressive working conditions. The toxic culture Dr. Blake has created at Palomar College has become an open secret across the California Community Colleges. We are unable to recruit quality applicants because of the toxic environment.

How long before the Chancellor’s Office comes down on us? How long before the DA’s Office or a grand jury comes down on us?

President Blake has forbidden administrators from speaking to trustees. We don’t dare cross our current leader. Even if administrators were to speak to the Board in confidence, three of the trustees are untrustworthy. Trustees Evilsizer, Halcon and Hensch have seemingly pledged allegiance to President Blake instead of upholding their responsibility to serve the community and provide true oversight. Speaking to those members of the Board will end in our termination.

Palomar College needs to remove President Blake if it is to survive. This is not about disagreeing with the President about a particular policy, spending practice, or even the direction of the College. This is about the toxic culture and irresponsible management that is ruining our College.

Palomar College deserves better.

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